Undocumented PSSCOR2 functions

With the latest release of PSSCOR2 release from Microsoft comes with a set Undocumented functions. FYI PSSCOR2 is a superset of sos.dll for .NET framework 2.0/3.5, it also has bunch of functions which are available in the .NET 4.0 sos.dll.

The .NET 4.0 also has few undocumented functions and PSSCOR2 does have them. But these functions are totally new and is not even available in .NET 4.0 sos

  1. !FindInterestingStrings
  2. !SaveSnapshot
  3. !LoadSnapshot
  4. !dumpconfig
  5. !GCUsage
  6. !VerifyDAC

I did manage to figure out the usage of few of these, but I let you explore them before I blog about this.

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