Using OData , LINQPad, Reactive Extensions (Rx) to query stackoverflow

I saw this cool post from Scott Hanselman on creating a OData API for stackoverflow. I use LINQPad more often than anything.   And sometimes when I am not very busy, I also look for unanswered questions in stackoverflow.    I have been playing around with Reactive Extensions. FYI LINQPad 4.0 supports Rx. So I thought how cool will be it if I have to look for unanswered “windbg” questions from stackoverflow , so that I could answer them.  And here is the query

var windbgQuestions = from time in Observable.Interval(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1))
                      from post in Posts.ToObservable()
                      where post.AnswerCount == 0 && post.Tags.Contains("windbg")
                      select post.Body;

So this would essentially keep querying stack overflow ,if stackoverflow has to implement OData . And I wouldn’t have to launch and application to look for unanswered questions.

I know this will not work now. But how cool it is to combine these frameworks write very succinct code to get what we want, without having to jump through hoops.

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2 Responses to Using OData , LINQPad, Reactive Extensions (Rx) to query stackoverflow

  1. Bret Ferrier says:

    It would be really cool to be able to search for just the questions that interest you on stackoverflow. I wonder if they have a way to submit answers without ever going to the site. If so you could create a Silverlight app or something that just monitored stackoverflow and allowed you to answer questions for very specific categories as many companies use stackoverflow to support their products.

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