I wanted to watch the Teched 2010 videos, but the problem I had was going to the site manually to download files for offline viewing.  And I was also interested only in Dev sessions which were level 300 / 400. Thanks to OData for teched http://odata.msteched.com/sessions.svc/ ,I  could write 3 statements in linqpad and had them all downloaded using wget

[sourcecode language=”csharp”]



.Where (s => (s.Level.StartsWith(“400”) ||  s.Level.StartsWith(“300”) ) && s.Code.StartsWith(“DEV”))



.Select (s => @“http://ecn.channel9.msdn.com/o9/te/NorthAmerica/2010/mp4/" + s.Code + “.mp4” )

.Run(s => File.AppendAllText(@“C:tempdownload.txt”,s + Environment.NewLine));

Util.Cmd(@“wget.exe -b -i c:Tempdownload.txt”,true);


Forgot to mention for the Run extension method is from Reactive Extensions