Like most of the Dev’s I love using my Keyboard more than mouse. I am big vim fan and have been using vim for over 7-8 years. I still consider myself novice.

Here are the ways I manage to use keyboard over mouse

  • Shortcat – Great app get rids of use mouse in OSX – This is a Paid App , which IMHO is the best investment for me. There is also a trial version.
  • MacVim – I have been using MacVim as my primary text editor.
  • cVim – Vim features within chrome. The best part is it allows custom vimrc.
  • IntelliJ Vim Plugin – also allow vimrc
  • Here is a plugin for IntelliJ – show hints when using the mouse for something which could be done with the keyboard.
  • Spectacle – For window management in OSX with keyboard.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.24.42 PM





Remapped caps lock – ^ Control Key


Here is my vimrc One of the things I do  is , set no-op for arrow keys makes me a better vim user.  I have tried vim hard mode and have failed few times. That is something I want to enable to get rid of bad habits.

Still have to try Neovim. I especially like the neovim engine can be plugged into existing editor which is great.

And  I have ordered myself Ultimate hacking Keyboard . The one of the reasons I am excited about this is ,you could use home row keys as mouse which would really replace mouse with this keyboard.