Hackers and Painters" https://www.amazon.com/Hackers-Painters-Big-Ideas-Computer/dp/1449389554 by Paul Graham is a book that celebrates the lives of nerds who challenge the status quo and create new things. Graham points out that school is nothing but a glorified babysitter and that being a nerd is the ultimate rebellion. He discusses the history of wealth creation and the importance of making the right language choices in programming.

In “Beating the Averages,” Graham talks about how Lisp was a crucial language choice that allowed his team to create a more robust and flexible web application than its competitors. Throughout the book, Graham emphasizes the importance of creativity and innovation and argues that society should encourage and celebrate those who think outside the box.

In one of his most memorable quotes, Graham writes, “Kids are smarter than they’re allowed to be. They’re all geniuses, but society, especially schools, beat it out of them.” This quote is a poignant reminder of the importance of nurturing children’s potential and creativity rather than stifling it through traditional educational systems."